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Whiskey Sour lemon cherry

Whiskey sour

A Whiskey sour is a really simple yet delicious cocktail. Take a good Whiskey, some fresh lemon juice and simple syrup – et voila you get an amazing drink. Optionally you can  a bit of egg white to add a bit of texture to this drink. You want to try it out? Go ahead and try our recipe below!

It’s some sort of a sour brother of an old fashioned – both were created by the end of the 19th century and both aimed to hide the taste of bad liquor. There a lot of similar creations all based on the same recipe: liquor, lemon juice and simple syrup. You can find all kinds of sours like tequila sours, vodka sours or brandy sours. And even if the recipe looks so simple you can easily get it wrong.


  • 34 oz Fresh lemon juice
  • 34 oz Simple syrup
  • A bit of egg white (optional)
  • 1 Cherry and/or lemon wedge as garnish


Add all ingredients (except the garnish) into a shaker with ice and give it a good shake. If you want a better foam, try to shake it without ice first and give it a second shake including ice.

Strain into a whiskey tumbler with fresh ice. Garnish your drink with a lemon wedge and the cherry. Cheers and enjoy your drink!

Which Whiskey should I use for a Whiskey sour?

It’s called a Whiskey sour with an “e” because it’s usually based on a bourbon whiskey. But it’s up to your tastebuds what kind of whisk(e)y is used for your sour. A scotch is also a good fit while a rye whiskey seems a bit too bitter in a sour cocktail. But always be careful with smokey whiskeys. The lemon juice works as a flavor enhancer – so if you take a Talker 10 with a light smokey taste, it develops a really strong smoke flavor in a whiskey sour. You better stick with a non smokey bourbon or scotch of your choice.

With egg white or without

An important question is always whether to use egg white or not. Including egg white the drink turns into a Boston sour with a more enjoyable consistency. The whiskey sour without egg white is nice but if you really want to impress your guests use egg white.

We know that there are people complaining about the “smell” of egg white in a drink as well as some are afraid of getting sick of using raw eggs. But neither does it smell bad (use fresh eggs!) nor did we ever get sick by a drink with egg white. The alcohol takes care of anything that could cause you any issues 😉

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