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Iron Balls Gin Bangkok

Iron Balls Gin – Unique Gin from the heart of Bangkok

I love Gin and while spending more than two months of last year in Bangkok, I found out that there’s a distillery producing a Gin right in the middle of the Capital of Thailand. Iron Balls Gin! The distillery is inside the Bar which is called -of course – Iron Balls distillery. If you go there you can even ask to get a small tour where they explain how the Gin is made. I can highly recommend spending an evening over there. Besides creating this beautiful Gin the bar also serves some amazing cocktails. But we’re here for the Gin, right?

What’s inside Iron Balls Gin 

Iron Balls Gin contains a to of local produce and it starts with the base spirit. It’s  based on fermented Pineapple and Coconut, creating some kind of tropical pineapple-coconut vodka. This vodka is then redistilled with botanicals like hillside ginger, lemongrass and of course juniper.

The whole process takes place in this micro distillery which is the reason why proaction is extremely limited and it’s not so easy to get a hand on this beauty. Of  course I had to bring some home and also gave some to my Gin loving friends. If you get there – buy some as well. You can get it in a small ( 0,33l) and large (0,7l) bottle.


The packaging is as unique as the ingredients. A bottle shaped like a cannonball – well, let’s say half of a cannonball. It’s a beautiful creation and with all the logos and copper elements it feels extremely valuable. If you collect Gin, the packaging itself is a reason to take one home.

Perfect Serve

I talked a lot to the barkeeper and asked him what kind of tonic he recommends and what to put in the glass as garnish to compliment the Gin. I never put pineapple and basil in a Gin & Tonic but it works extremely well with Iron Balls Gin. You can also try it to create tropical versions of classic cocktails like a Gin Sour or Ramos Gin Fizz.

The perfect serve for the Iron Balls Gin:

  • 1.5 oz Iron Balls Gin
  • Slice of pineapple
  • Basil leaves
  • Fever Tree Mediterranen Tonic


The nose is really fruity with notes of tropical fruits, lemongrass and orange. The spirit smells extremely clean. Even tasting it pure it’s very mild and you almost wonder if it’s really at 40%. Once sipping it, you can taste the pineapple again paired with more fruity flavors like mango and tangerine. In the end you can taste a strong lemongrass flavor before it fades. Some might miss  a bit of juniper but I personally like this modern and tropical take on a Gin.

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