The Margarita is a beautiful classic cocktail -and it's easy to make, too. The drink is already from the 40s although it's really famous starting from the 70s. In the US there's even a national Margarita day (22nd of February).

In this post I'll discuss the different types of cocktail shakers on the market. Cobbler Shaker, French shaker, tin on tin shaker or a Classic Boston shaker? When you’re about to buy a Cocktail shaker you’ll find a huge variety

We already wrote about the Whiskey Sour which is the best known representative of the sour family. Sours are simple when it comes to the recipe but really tasty and a true classic. The base is always the same: take

I love Gin and while spending more than two months of last year in Bangkok, I found out that there's a distillery producing a Gin right in the middle of the Capital of Thailand. Iron Balls Gin! The distillery is inside

Another cocktail classic in our list of cocktails for you is the Ramos Gin Fizz. There are plenty of ways to annoy your barkeeper, one of it is ordering a couple of Ramos Gin Fizz at once - as if

The mother of all cocktails! Whiskey, sugar, bitters - It looks like such an easy recipe but it's definitely not so easy to nail it. To make it even worse there are many decisions to make which will affect your

A Whiskey sour is a really simple yet delicious cocktail. Take a good Whiskey, some fresh lemon juice and simple syrup - et voila you get an amazing drink. Optionally you can  a bit of egg white to add a

Here's a true classic that dates back to the days when rye whiskey was the liquor of choice. It's a very special combination of  ingredients that are rarely used nowadays. A Continental Sour is actually a Whiskey Sour with port. More