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Different types of cocktail shakers

In this post I’ll discuss the different types of cocktail shakers on the market. Cobbler Shaker, French shaker, tin on tin shaker or a Classic Boston shaker? When you’re about to buy a Cocktail shaker you’ll find a huge variety of Cocktail shakers. Different shapes, different colours, different sizes and colors. But Which one’s right for you? We’ll help you find your perfect shaker to begin creating amazing cocktails at home.

Boston Shaker

Firstly we’ll talk about the probably most known shaker, the Boston shaker. If you’ll end up buying a Boston shaker you’ll be in good company. It’s a real bar classic, especially in the US. The large shaker tin together with the Pint sized glass can hold a large volume so you’ll be able to create two cocktails at a time. It’s also pretty easy to clean both parts which saves time which can be used to focus on actually creating cocktails.

However there are also some downsides: the glass. It tends to break easily especially when creating or breaking the seal and it’s cooling capacity is way lower compared to tin shaker cups.


Easy to use

Very easy to clean


Glass can break easily when creating or breaking the seal

Can be hard to close/seal

Cobbler Shaker

The Cobbler shaker is a true classic from the golden era of cocktail creation. The patent for a 3-piece Cobbler shaker has already been registered in 1884, since then it has been used in bars all over the world. Today it’s a typical choice of aspiring home barkeepers as the shaker already includes a strainer and the lid usually can act as a jigger. As a result, the 3-piece design with integrated strainer makes the cleaning process quite fiddly.


Very easy to use



Hard to clean due 3 piece construction

Can be hard to seal

Parisian/French shaker

The Parisian shaker or French shaker has a beautiful and elegant design and therefore it’s probably the most beautiful Cocktail shaker you can get. On the other hand the shaker is quite small so you can create only one drink at a time. In addition you might face issues breaking the seal.


Easy to use

Can be cleaned easily

Very durable


Can be tricky to keep the seal tight when shaking

Tin on Tin shaker

Hands down our favorite shaker is the tin on tin shaker. It’s simple but effective design, great cooling capacity and huge volume make it a great companion when you’re about to create cocktails. It’s also very easy to clean and very hard to break. Simply a great choice for any aspiring home bartender.


Pretty Easy to use

Very, very Easy to clean

Thanks to stainless steel, it’s very durable

Pretty easy to create seal

Cocktail shakers – Overview

Boston ShakerCobbler ShakerParisian ShakerTin on Tin Shaker
Ease of useEasyEasyEasyEasy
Easy to cleanVery easyHardEasyVery Easy
Easy to create / break sealMediumMediumMediumVery Easy
DurabilityMediumVery durableVery durableVery durable

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